231: Stewarding Scholarship Donors

Recorded On: 05/18/2021


When donors support student scholarships and financial aid—either by creating a new endowed fund or giving to an existing fund—it makes a powerful statement about their interests and priorities. The way institutions steward those donors afterward can have a big impact on their willingness to provide additional support in the future. Prompt gift acknowledgements, consistent communication, and thoughtful engagement will go a long way toward creating positive experiences and building lasting relationships for many years to come.

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This webinar is eligible for 1.25 points of CFRE credit.


  • Guidelines for communicating gift impact and investment returns to donors
  • Tips for engaging donors through events and other activities
  • Tactics for involving scholarship recipients in your stewardship efforts
  • Methods for evaluating your programs
  • Examples from other institutions, and more!

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Vanessa Carta

With over 15 years of experience in educational fundraising, Vanessa has led programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston and its Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. She holds B.A. in Religious Studies and Sociology from Santa Clara University and an M.A. in Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance from UMass Boston.


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